Practice Area

International Branding, Licensing, Distribution and Trademarks

International Branding. We serve clients from outside the United States who are interested in entering the U.S. market, as well as American companies looking to market and sell their goods and services at home and abroad. Our attorneys assist our international clients in negotiating terms of agreements that are clearly understood by all parties.

Licensing. We draft and negotiate licensing agreements for clients in a variety of fields. For example, our software industry clients require very specialized agreements to protect their intellectual property. Therefore, we strive to produce documents that give our clients the most protections while still having commercially viable terms and conditions.

Trademarks. As a service to our clients, we assist in the application for trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We guide clients through the commercial search process to identify potential conflicts. If a client decides to move forward with a trademark application, we then submit it on the client’s behalf, and we work with the examining attorneys at the USPTO to help further the application.

Distribution. We represent both manufacturers and distributors in the negotiation of distribution agreements. Our goal, as always, is to structure transactions in which all sides clearly understand their rights and obligations.